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From: Henricus, Janet
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 9:50 AM
Dear Sarah,
It was hard to get back to routine once again still in the holiday mood but I will be failing in my duty  if I do not extend a special Thank you for looking after the "Lost and Found Group" You are an exceptional  lady with a remarkable personality and it was great to have you as our capable and guiding star throughout our tour.  You did a fantastic job and you are indeed an asset to Superlinks. You were so concerned about each and every single person on that tour and the  tour was well organised in regard to hotel accommodation and meals.

I believe Rodney has a capable group of staff  who are so efficient, dedicated and conscientious when it comes to managing a tour group.  It was a memorable tour and I will hold it in my memory.  George, Barbara, Paula and myself enjoyed our tour to the fullest with the rest of our group.  We learnt much things that we were not aware of and did not know even as Catholics and above  all we count our self blessed and lucky to have walked and seen  places where Our Lord preached and lived.
Please convey my fondest regards to Preanjali who went all out of her way to accommodate us to Lourdes but eventually could not make it due to circumstances beyond our control.  Any way as the saying goes "Man proposes but God disposes"  I am happy it did not work out because it would have been too tedious for us to combine both trips together. However, I am now in the process of making plans to visit  Fatima and Lourdes in the near future and of course once again through Superlinks.  However, I will have to save every dollar to accomplish this dream of mine.

On behalf of my cousins  Paula, Barbara, George  and myself we wish to extend our deep appreciatiation and gratitude in the manner in which we were cared and looked after by your goodself.
Take care and God bless you always.


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