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Award winning travel agent and the  largest
out bound pilgrim & tour operator in Sri Lanka

Private audience with
His Holiness Pope Francis

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Superlink Travels was established in 1983.Superlink Travels is the Largest Outbound Pilgrim & Tour Operator and the only National and International award winning travel agent in Sri Lanka. The Chairman / Managing Director of Superlink Travels (Pvt) Ltd - Mr. Rodney J. Koelmeyer is the first and only Travel Personality to win the Gold Award at the Entrepreneur of the year in 1997 and 'The Outstanding Young Persons Award' (TOYP) in the year 1998 for ‘Business Accomplishment’

He also had the prestige's honour to be the first and the only travel personality in Sri Lanka to receive an 'International Award of Excellence' from the State of Israel..

Most Populer Upcoming Pilgrimages and Tours

Holy Land - 2016
09 Day Pilgrimage - Golden opportunity to attain Spiritual Fulfillment
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Holy Land & Jordan - 2016

11 Day Pilgrimage - Visiting: Petra, Wadi-Rum, Jerash and more
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Holy Land & Egypt - 2016
12 Day Pilgrimage - with 3 nights extension to Egypt
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Super Europe Tour - 2016
16 Day Tour - Now visiting 10 Countries with Professional Planing
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Pilgrims and Tour Participants from


Tour to 10 Countries on the Super Europe Tour
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Pilgrimage to Fatima - 21st September 2015
Spiritual Guidance by His Lordship Most Rev. Rt. Dr. Joseph Kingsley Swampillai
- Bishop of Trincomalee.

Tour to Japan

Pilgrimage to Lourdes - 10th October 2015
Accompanied by His Lordship Most Rev Dr Bishop Cletus Chandrasiri Perera, Bishop of Ratnapura and
Rev Fr Amal Vincent, St. Sylvesters Monastery, Montefano, Ampitiya.


Pilgrimage to Italy and Medjugorje - Group was accompanied by
Mr. Rodney Koelmeyer, Chairman / Managing Director
of Superlink Travels also accompanied the group.

Pilgrimage to Holy Land
The group was accompanied by His Lordship Most Rev Dr. Raymond Wickramasinghe,
Bishop of Galle and 07 Priests.

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Chairman's Message

Pilgrimages 2016

Holy Land
09 Day Pilgrimage

Holy Land & Jordan
Visiting: Petra, Wadi-Rum, Jerash, and more
11 Day Pilgrimage

Holy Land & Egypt
12 Day Pilgrimage

Holy Land Budget
06 Day Pilgrimage

Italy, Lourdes & Nevers
12 Day Pilgrimage

Italy, Lourdes & Fatima
15 Day Pilgrimage

08 Day Pilgrimage

Poland & Prague 
09 Day Pilgrimage and Tour

 06 Day Pilgrimage

 07 Day Pilgrimage

 06 Day Pilgrimage

04 Day Pilgrimage

08 Day Pilgrimage

Italy & Medjugorje
13 Day Pilgrimage

Italy, Lourdes & Nevers
14 Day Pilgrimage

Italy, Lourdes & Fatima
17 Day Pilgrimage

Holidays 2016

Super Europe Tour
16 Day Tour

10  Day Tour

Day Tour

10  Day Tour

09 Day Tour

09 Day Tour

 08 Day Tour

North India
 06 Day Tour


Dambadiva Pilgrimage
 09 Day Pilgrimage

Dambadiva Pilgrimage
 08 Day Pilgrimage

Hindu Pilgrimage to India
 05 Day Pilgrimage

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