Superlink Travels

From: Alan & Jacqui White
Sent: Saturday, 3 September 2011 17:23
To: 'Superlink'
Cc: Maple, Maria MRS; 'Jean Gracias'; Maria Maple-Home
Subject: THANK YOU

3 September 2011

Dear Rodney Koelmeyer
During August 2011, we had the pleasure of doing a pilgrimage to Lourdes and Fatima with your company.  We had previously taken a tour with your company in September 2009 to visit the Holy Lands and your company exceed our expectations.
Our trip to Italy, Fatima and Lourdes was even better and it was due to the tour coordinator, Amalfi. Amalfi ensured that our trip was extremely memourable.  The tour was very well coordinated and went to plan.
While in Italy Amalfi together with Elizabeth was very helpful in pointing our sites of significance and ensured that the trip was personal and memourable.  Together they certainly exceeded your company motto of ‘We do not promise memories, we make them’.
It was a pleasure to do a pilgrimage with a young person like Amalfi who displayed a great deal of faith and reverence.
Can you please thank Amalfi on behalf of my party that included my wife Jacqui (naughty forty), Maria Maple and Jean Gracias?
We look forward to planning our next trips with y our company.
Yours sincerely,
Mr Alan White

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